This website is all about Eating Healthy and Being Healthy.

A large part of your health and well-being is determined by what you eat, and where it comes from.

The less processing, the better.  And the fresher the food, the better.  (Why else do supermarkets advertise – “Our produce is the freshest” ?)

So what could be fresher than picking produce from your own garden and eating it within a couple of hours, or even minutes!  (There is nothing like picking a few fresh beans or tomotaoes from the garden and munching on them.)

We often sacrafice fresh food in our busy lifestyles – by purchasing processed or takeaway foods.  But the rewards from growing your own produce can be awesome . . . both for your health, (what you eat), and your well-being over-all, (including your state of mind).

How to setup and grow herbs, fruit and vegetables in your own garden is a huge subject, and this section of the website has tips on how to do it. 

In addition to these pages, there are many other great resources that you can call on for help, including:

  • your local nursery
  • the local hardware shop, that sells gardening products
  • the internet – Google and in particular, YouTube

And make sure that you check out our blog pages by clicking on the Garden Menu at the top of the page, or going directly to our Garden Blog pages here.

Start Small

When I started my last home garden, I started with 3 plastic planters, (32cm x 32cm), some potting mix and a couple of herb seedlings. 

Gradually, that grew over time, and we now have stacks of herbs and 20+ different fruits and vegetables in what is still a relatively small yard. 

You don’t need a lot of space to start growing fresh produce.

It is possible, even if you live in a high-rise unit with no personal garden space!